Making a Young Girl’s Birthday Memorable

Your children grow up so quickly. The time is now, while they are young, to enjoy the wonderful years where everything seems new to them. There are many online portals that will show you so many delightful gifts, that you may have a difficult time in choosing just one. But that’s ok – you can select more than one.

A wheeled suitcase is the very thing to have handy when you are trying – not altogether successfully – to get a recalcitrant toddler through TSA at the airport. Wheeled suitcases in their size and in yours can make getting through the airport much easier.

Toys A-Plenty

Balance bikes are wonderful gifts for children who haven’t quite gained their balance on two-wheelers, without having to worry about training wheels. Balance bikes allow your young child to develop gross motor skills as they learn not only to balance, but also to propel themselves forward. The spherical, molded design makes it difficult to fall off, so your child will feel secure while he or she develops these skills.

Mini scooters are wonderful for children, allowing them to scoot as soon as they can walk. The speeds might even seem to be fast, to you – but not to them. They will enjoy every minute spent in their mini scooters. Though GAP is not quite equivalent to toys for children, you can find some great deals. Apply this extra 15% off coupon to save a little more and perhaps throw an extra toy in the bunch.

Dressing Up and Craft Kits

For something magic for little girls, look at the magical dress-up ensembles available online. They include silver-sequined petticoats, masks and mirrors. Your young lady will enjoy becoming the fairest in all the land. Ashley Lauren is an excellent source for crafts. Visit the website at to keep looking for great coupon deals for your purchase.

Little girls love craft kits, too. Those that include lacings and beads for that little girl look will be readily accepted and immediately loved by any young girl. You can even sign up for a craft subscription that will send your child a new kit every month, to keep them intrigued.


Or, pick up a decorate-your-own craft item, like this Alex Color a Fashion Bag from Lord and Taylor.  What little girl wouldn’t want to decorate their own bag to add to their dress up wardrobe?  Right now, you can get 15% off this special gift with this Lord and Taylor Coupon, too!

Going to the Beach

Swim bags will be loved by the small ones in your family. They are waterproof inside and out, and will allow your kids to carry everything they need to the lake and back home. This means their sandwiches stay fresh and there are no damp spots on your car seats on the way home.

Kids’ sunglasses have always been popular. Kids love to look like young adults, and the lenses protect their eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Children’s sunglasses come in butterfly shapes for girls and regular shapes – oval or round – for boys. Most kids fashion glasses do not prevent 100% UV protection, but you can find sunglasses that do offer full protection.

Playing in the Kitchen

Fake bread is fun for kids to make, even if it’s not edible. It’s as enjoyable for children to make fake bread now as it was when the first loaves were “baked”. Your little one will enjoy using a mold and flour mixes to create colorful breads. The loaves have colored shapes that run through them. The Container Store has all sorts of useful containers for organizing your kitchen space. Even the kid’s can help! Follow to keep track of new coupons for this online retailer.

Play kitchens have been a favorite with young children for many years. The best models are well made, since you may have to live with one in your kitchen for a few years. Your little chef will want to work in the kitchen while you are too, so they can “help”. This is a good time to introduce them to the need to be careful around the stove and burners, as well.

Special Gifts for Your Special Man

Choosing gifts for men can be especially difficult. It is made even harder when you are buying for your man who pretty much has everything he needs. Keep in mind that most men appreciate the effort you take in finding a unique gift for them. Gifting a special item to someone who is special to you can be rewarding.

Beautiful gifts boxes with ribbons are eye appealing, but it’s more important what you choose for your gift. You already know his basic likes, and this can help. Try observing him from a different angle than usual. Is he tech-obsessed? Does he like certain types of clothing, which he won’t buy for himself? Be open to revelations that can be helpful in choosing the perfect gift.

Men Love Unique Gifts

If your man is style-conscious, he will want to own at least one of what is called a “statement jacket”. These have pleasing details and are usually one of a kind. If your special man doesn’t often wear suits, select an elegant sweater, instead. You don’t even need to do a full suit. A unique and refreshing tie from could do well enough. This 20% off coupon could save you on most purchases.

Some men are quite particular about their suits, and even about the ties and socks they wear to create that perfect business or professional ensemble. Look for unique ties, including bow ties, if you think he would wear that type. Be sure that you select a color that plays well with the shirts he wears, and a color that he likes to wear.

Footwear Gifts

Some men have obsessions about their shoes, even if they don’t talk about it. Surprise your special man with a pair of shoes that is totally different and better than the shoes he has now. If he goes to the gym or the beach often, an array of sandals may be just the thing. offers workout shoes, dress shoes, and regular shoes at fair rates. Buyers can even find free shipping options with this useful coupon add-on.

A Class by Himself

When you shop online, you will find many gifts unseen locally. Cufflinks give his suits a finished appearance, and tell others that he knows style and also lives by it. There are many different types of cufflinks he might enjoy.


Also, when shopping online, you’ll be able to get expensive items at great discounts.  For example, now on sale at Lord and Taylor, you can also pick up an additional 15% discount on this Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

Tech Protection

If your special man is into tech gadgets, you probably know how he reacts to scuffs or scratches on his tablet or smartphone. From leather to heavy-duty plastic and rubber, safety cases for today’s high tech gadgets are worth what you spend. He may enjoy a leather trimmed iPad case, a jean jacket for iPad Minis, protective messenger bags for his netbook or tablet and ultimate protective cases for iPhones and Androids alike. Hammacher Schlemmer is a growing tech firm, and there are plenty of reasonable and useful coupons that drop the shipping cost.

As long as you’re looking at tech protection, check for any new “toys” he might want. He should have one or more sensational gadgets that he probably won’t buy for himself. There are so many gadgets available online. Tablets may double as laptops with detachable easels and keyboards, and his phone should be as upgraded as he is comfortable using.

A Good Wallet Is a Great Gift

Your man shouldn’t have to carry credit cards and cash in an old, fraying wallet or tarnished money clip. If his wallet has seen better days and now it’s falling apart, you can give him a new wallet that he can admire whenever he uses it.

Velcro wallets are not in style, especially if he is a professional. Get a “real” wallet, and a classy business card holder to go with it.

What Do Little Boys Want?

Little boys have plenty of energy, are always on the move and often getting into things. They get dirty just looking at mud and finding any gift that holds his attention for over five seconds may be tough to do. Relax. You can find something online that will truly spark his imagination.

Always Moving…

Grab your son a set of wings all his own with a rocket flyer backpack. This unique design will keep everything in its place, from juice boxes to homework. It is designed to be comfortable for him to carry, as well. The unique design keeps all his supplies easily reached, with extra space up front for notebooks, books and binders. Ashley Lauren is a leading art and craft retailer. Find some great offerings on their website, and check frequently to save on this purchase.

The most useful backpacks you can find online include small pockets that help in organizing crayons, pens and pencils. Even if you pack this full, the shoulder straps are specially contoured, with lots of comfy padding, to keep it comfortable to carry. This could be one of the best ways to scare off those first-day-of-school nerves.

Race Cars, Blocks and Trains

If your little one is a fan of building blocks or race cars, he probably ends up playing with them all over the house. Then they are lost when he wants them again. The answer is a toy storage bag that is also a play mat for boys. He can pack up his favorite small toys and take them along to his friends’ houses with no problem.

The playmat and storage bag combination is ideal for storing plastic building bricks, blocks, cars, trains and other small toys. When he plays on it, and it’s time for dinner, just pick up the sides and all the small toys stay together. How handy is that? These playmats come in lots of fun colors, too.

Does your son love trains and planes? Many young boys do. That’s why you can shop online and find BPA-free silicone meal kits for little boys. The spoon handles are shaped like trains and planes, and the set comes with a colorful bowl, too. This might be the magic flatware that will coerce him into eating his vegetables.

UntitledOr, Melissa and Doug offers an adorable wooden car carrier available at Lord and Taylor.  What little boy wouldn’t want to stack the colorful cars and drive them around?  Plus, if you shop now, you can save an 15% off your purchase with this Lord and Taylor Coupon!

Boys Love Sharks

This hooded towel in a clever shark design is 54 x 30 inches and is just perfect for boys between the ages of one and seven years. The dorsal fin will tower above him, but these jaws are not dangerous – they’re adorable. This toy is especially suited for kids who live near a pool or the beach. Any boy at a birthday or Christmas party will be thrilled with the Shark hooded towel; your young girl may be, too. Doug the shark also has a ribbon tied at the waist, for sunscreen, bathtub markers, shampoo, baby lotion and body wash. He makes even bath time fun!

Fitted cotton t-shirts are favorites for adults, but with colorful designs, they make wonderful children’s gifts, as well. Some of the t-shirts you can find online are hand-printed, so no two designs are exactly alike. The bold animals and dinosaurs allow your son to take a walk on the wild side, while showing off creativity. You can always go to leading outfit retailer GAP to find some really cute outfits that may also have a good chance of making him very happy too. This 15% off coupon can make the purchase easier as well.

Shoe Stickers

Has your son ever seen stickers for shoes? These are fun stickers in animal shapes that help to tell him the difference between his right and left shoes. Sure, his pants may be backwards, but his shoes will still be on the correct feet. Now stickers may be nice, but he may be lacking shoes. offers it all. Use this coupon to add some frees hipping to the order.

Show Her How You Feel with a Gift

The holidays give you the perfect opportunity to present your girlfriend, fiancé or wife with a gift that tells her you love her. However, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to shower her with gifts that will tell her you think about her all the time.

Showing Your Feelings

Having a special person in your life is one of the most wonderful things you can experience. It’s natural to want to show that person the way you feel in ways more tangible than simply telling them you love them.

You still may be unsure about the type of gift that will express your feelings most accurately. You may want something intimate. If your relationship has not reached that point yet, you may want something that shows your love without bringing intimacy into the picture. Your special woman truly wants to feel that you know and recognize the things that make her unique.

Pamper Her with Skin and Spa Products

Men don’t usually understand the intricacies of spa and skin care products. Fortunately, you may see the types of products she likes when you are sitting with her as she browses online. Make a mental note of the skin care and spa products she enjoys using, so that you can find them yourself and surprise her. Find pamper products for the skin at Macy’s and use this excellent 15% off the top coupon.

You don’t have to purchase the products your girlfriend usually uses, either. Pamper her to the extreme by browsing for new types of products and scents that you feel she will enjoy. She will appreciate the extra thought that goes into a gift like this.

Accessories Are Great Gifts

Your special woman enjoys feeling as if you notice everything about her. If winter snow is in the air, buy her gloves and a scarf that bring out her eye color. Explain the thought behind the gift if you need to, so she knows it’s not “just” an accessory for cold weather.

Handbags, whether they are designer, faux designer or simply unique styles, make wonderful gifts. This is assuming that you have spent enough time with her to appreciate her taste. A handbag is a very personal choice. If you know that she loves high-end brands, choose a handbag or other accessory of that brand name. You can play it safe and stick to the formula of what women love, including a new pair of shoes at using this generous 20% off coupon. 

UntitledJewelry is always a win when it comes to gift for any special lady in your life and you can never go wrong with something hand-picked from an amazing retailer like Lord and Taylor.  Right now, you can save 15% off any gift purchase with this promo code.

Women Love Their Pets

If your woman is wild about her cat or dog, you’ll find a wide variety of unique and special gifts for pets and pet lovers online. Choose from things from all natural treats for her pet to collars with bling for her feline or canine friend.

Gourmet Gifts

There are so many ways to treat your special woman. Whether she enjoys sipping fine wine or she has a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, gourmet gifts are thoughtful, and they reinforce the fact that you pay attention to the things she likes. Her favorite sweet treats will be an especially welcome gift, if you buy a tin or a basket in which to place them. Nordstrom is a leading retail out in unique and special gifts. Save with this free shipping coupon. 

Plan a Special Outing

Women enjoy it when their lovers put a great deal of thought into outings and time spent together. Find activities that you both enjoy, and select gifts that will be helpful in those activities. Whether you share a love of rock climbing, biking or sitting on beaches at sunset, you can choose accessories for your favorite activities.

If You Draw a Blank…

Listen for clues about the things that mean the most to your girlfriend. Show her that you pay attention when she drops clues – innocently or on purpose – about what she might like for a holiday present or an any day gift.

Gift Ideas for Business Connections

There are many types of gifts given in the business world. You may give gifts to your major clients, your associates and prospective clients. The reasons for these gifts range from a thank-you for long-term customers to the recognition of one of your employees, for taking on and finishing a difficult task. The basic reason, though, is to affirm your business relationships, while enhancing your personal connections to the recipients.

Are these Gifts or Incentives?

Gifts are completely different from incentives. You may give them to similar recipients, but their practical and strategic goals are different. Incentives are awards that you give for defined activity levels, like meeting safety improvements or sales goals. Gifts are more spontaneous, given outside defined arrangements. Either type can be found easily online. Someone who receives a gift will not be anticipating it, but one who receives an incentive will be looking for it.

You may be tempted to view incentives and gifts as the same basic idea. You do want to get something back, whether it is increased performance or an ongoing sales relationship. You don’t want to give either employees or customers the feeling that you are bribing them, however. Giving gifts should be a long term, subtle way of building relationships, within ethical and tasteful boundaries.

The Ethics Applied to Gift-Giving

Before you give someone in your business world a gift, check to see if the person who will be on the receiving end, or their company, has specific gift policies. Some businesses like medical, retail, insurance and financial services, do not usually allow gifts to be accepted by their employees. If gift giving checks out, you may be best going to Express, a major company for clothing related gifts. Save a staggering 40% off the total purchase price with this coupon. 

What you may run into may be restrictions placed on gift values, or on what situations allow gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential recipients if their companies have policies regarding gifts. If they do, you should follow them closely. For example, wine can be a great gift if it is allowed. is one of the leading options. Save 10% off with this useful coupon.


Or, you could look into getting candy – a very popular gift that most anyone will like!  A gourmet treat can be especially appropriate for clients or business colleagues.  Choose something fancy like this peanut brittle from Lord and Taylor – and look for additional savings for 15% off your order.

When Should You Give Corporate Gifts?

If your company and another are engaged in a process of bidding on a project or tangible property, gift giving is not allowed, even if it is a holiday. In addition, gifts like vacations and cars are always suspect as gifts. These are dangerous in today’s world of legislation that affects what can be given and what must be declared.

For giving general gifts, however, the IRS does not usually become involved in the process. You are allowed to deduct up to $75 for gifts given to business connections or clients, and this benchmark is useful in defining what you should spend. You can find many suitable corporate gifts online that are at this price point or lower. Jos. A Bank is a leading provider for professional gifts. You can earn free shipping with this coupon to save on this purchase.

The Bottom Line

There are tangible benefits you may derive from giving corporate gifts. It may even be a part of your company’s marketing strategy. When handled properly, gift-giving is a useful way to give you and your business connections a closer sense of partnership.

Gift giving can increase the business between your company and another, but it is not easily predicted how much it can help you. Companies who give gifts were surveyed recently, and it was determined that if you give, it’s nearly twice as likely that you will be contacted by those recipients again.

There really isn’t any hard data regarding gift-giving programs, but you will likely build stronger relationships with other companies, and the costs are not prohibitively high. Gift giving usually benefits the giver, and this can pay off in your company’s bottom line.

What Should You Buy as a Wedding Gift?

Weddings are undeniably special events not just in the lives of the bride and groom, but in their families, as well. Gifts must be more than simply unique; they must be unique to the personality and interests of the bride and groom.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on the wedding gift you choose. Some of the most meaningful gifts may be some of the least expensive. These gifts will be unique if you think about the couple when you shop.

Photo Frames


Choose a unique photo of the lucky couple and a frame that is worthy of it. Spend some time and browse online to find a frame that will make your gift much more than “just” another photograph of the wedding couple. The photo doesn’t need to be staged; it can be a candid picture, taken at a location that holds meaning for both people.  Lord and Taylor has this adorable frame (above) and you can pick up yours today for an additional 15% off with this coupon.


Select a scrapbook suitable for a wedding and fill it with memories for the happy couple. Take your time in finding a special scrapbook online and even more time in selecting the memories you include in it.

In this gift, some candid shots will also be welcome. Especially memorable will be photographs that the couple did not notice anyone taking, or that they have long forgotten. Friends and family members can sign the scrapbook.

Unique Wedding Jewelry

You may think of jewelry – outside of the rings – to be a gift for the bride, but it can be suitable for the groom, as well. Whether they are bracelets or pendants, they may be identical or subtly different, with the same basic style. Be sure that you are aware of the jewelry preferences of the bride and groom before you head online to shop. Some men wear masculine bracelets, for example, but many do not. jewelry and other beauty-related gifts can be found at  use this $10 off coupon to take a little off the top.

Ancestral Wedding Gifts

There are many gifts that are believed to be unique, but nothing is more unique than an ancestral gift for their wedding. Whether you give family furniture, jewelry or property, this may well be their most cherished gift. When your child is being married, give him or her a special gift that your parents gave you. You may also give ancestral gifts to a friend you consider to be as close as family.

Wedding Accessories Make Useful Gifts

Accessories are inexpensive and thoughtful wedding gifts. From office accessories to watches or wedding ornaments, anything can be a unique gift if you give it in a way that is unique. is pure elegance. You can save 10% of all purchases using this accessible coupon.

Furnishings as Gifts

The happy couple may be moving into a new home together after their honeymoon. Perhaps they are renovating the house they now live in. Find unique furniture that will be a welcome addition to their new life. Choosing a special piece will make it meaningful for the couple, even though it has a practical side, as well. Select a different type of styling if you want to make it more memorable. Macy’s is a universal retail outlet that offers great prices, and you can take an additional 20% off with this coupon. 

There are always unique gifts for the happy couple, if you know where to look. Shopping online gives you a wider selection and vendors will ship your chosen gift for you. All you have to worry about is having an enjoyable time at the reception.

Learn as much as you can about the bride and groom if you only know one of them before the wedding. This will make the perfect gift easier to find, and you will know the bride and groom will love it.

Lavish Gifts for Someone Very Special

Luxury is a term that is difficult to define. It means different things to different people. However, lavish gifts include those that bestow status, exclusivity and experience. Lavish gifts can even be simple.

A Camera that Isn’t a Phone?

A camera is actually a unique gift today. You can find them online in manageable sizes and adorable colors. They shoot instant film, giving them a fun, retro feel. Refill packs are inexpensive, and they take arguably better photographs than many cameras in cell phones. Hammacher Schlemmer is a leading resource for tech gifts. Even better, you can get free shipping with this cost-saving coupon.

Everyone Has to Sleep

Silk pajamas make wonderful gifts. They will look the part and keep your friend comfortable during nights together with their special someone – and that may even be you. You don’t have to go for the highest prices, either. People are more comfortable in nightclothes that are not associated with the fanciest of styles. The previous company is not the only place to get free shipping. This coupon for Linensource provides the same perk for all sorts of great bedroom arrangements and furnishings.

Fragrances for All

Selecting a special fragrance for your friend is quite personal, and you do have to know them well, to understand the type of scents they prefer. Go for scents that are pleasing and not over-powering, so you know they’ll be enjoyed. You can find many scents online, in various sizes and packaging. If your friend enjoys the scent you have selected, you may also go for soaps and potpourri in similar scents, to accent their home. The boat for free shipping continues, this time in the area of wonderful and pleasant fragrances. Use this coupon for additional savings.


Lord and Taylor also has an excellent fragrances shop with plenty of gift ideas for that special person in your life.  Check out this Tommy Bahama gift set that you can get now and have shipped to your lucky guy for free using this coupon.

Leather Goods Are Lavish

Leather goods from well-known designers are always tasteful gifts, as long as the style is one that your friend finds comfortable to use. Savvy online shoppers can find vintage as well as new styles in purses, handbags and luggage that will be well used and well loved by your special friend.

Lavish Spa Gifts

The woman on your list will thoroughly enjoy a bath and body spa basket. You will pamper her with indulgence and relaxation when you shop online for spa gift sets. From scented soaps to bath slippers, room sachet, bath gel and body scrub, this type of gift will always get the oooo’s and ahhhhh’s from your special friend.

Handcrafted Music Jewelry Boxes

Handcrafted Italian music jewelry boxes are made from solid wood, with a wood inlay. The design is simple, yet elegant. A plush interior gives your special friend a place to store all her favorite jewelry, and the melody will fill her room with magic.

A Chronograph for Him

A chronograph watch says more than “I like you”. It says, “I love you”. With its slim profile, this handsome steel watch is designed around a sunray dial, with a soft, leather band. This is a very special gift for a very special person. There are many styles available online, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your man perfectly. Nordstrom is known for its unique inventory of creative gifts. Apply this coupon to save on shipping once again.

One-of-a-Kind Sun Catchers

Handcrafted sun catchers bring color into the home. They’re made with sturdy glass that will last for years. You can hand them in a window or hang them outside in your favorite garden place. A wide array of colors will brighten any area in which you decide to hang them.

Birthstone Necklaces

A delicate chain holds the birthstone of your special someone, creating an elegant and personal gift. The most unique necklaces are handcrafted, and include conflict-free stones and reclaimed metal. This makes it a doubly perfect gift idea. It speaks of creativity, and will make your special woman feel indulged and loved.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Gift Giving

Whether today finds you shopping for one person or several, gift giving can be more than a little overwhelming. If you ask people what they are interested in, and take an active role in their life to learn their likes, it will be easier to shop for them. The more information to have, the less stressful shopping can be.

Speak to Your Recipients

Talk with the people for whom you will be buying gifts throughout the year. Have them suggest several ideas that might give you a good starting point in finding something they will really love. This way, you know you’ll be getting them something that they will enjoy.

Use Websites

Some sites allow you to create wish lists of items you like. These may also be visible on Facebook. Check into the people for whom you are gift shopping. You won’t have to guess if you have a wish list in front of you.


Or, you can use a gift guide from a popular retailer like Lord and Taylor.  These guides often give you gift suggestions by occasion and recipient and are very helpful in getting ideas together for you.   Plus, if you shop now and find something you like, you can get free shipping on orders of $99 or more with this Lord and Taylor coupon.

Create Gift Files

Use file folders, paper or your word document program on your laptop to create gift files for the people on your shopping list. Store clippings from catalogs or magazines, or just write down ideas as they occur to you. Keeping these on hand when you shop will help to remind you of good ideas when you’re making your purchases. You can find some stunning gift options through the huge Catalog Favorites, and match their offerings with your gift files.  Be sure to save money using coupons from this website when they become available.

If you happen to see a terrific gift idea but it’s not the season for which you are shopping, you can still purchase it when you see it. This is assuming that funds are available for this purpose. Buying gifts throughout an entire year will allow you to finish your shopping early, and you’ll have a more steady outlay of money than you will if you wait until the last minute to purchase gifts.

Shopping Online

When you look for a special gift, there are so many places online where you can begin. From holidays to birthdays, once you have a good sense of what people want, it’s a great way to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many great web sourcs for finding gifts, including Nordstrom. take advantage of free shipping with these effective coupons. 

Have your children or grandchildren email you their gift suggestions, and you can use online venues for gifts that will be appreciated and treasured. Customized gift lists from your friends and family let you know exactly what they want, which makes gift giving so much easier.

There is more reward to clicking “buy” with the knowledge that you will be making someone’s day happier. You can eliminate the legwork, disappointment, returns and the like, which results in a more pleasant gift-buying process.

Where to Look?

Beyond the efficiency of buying online is something else that is not as clearly defined. Today, you can click on beautiful tokens of your love from all around the world, and then choose the one that speaks to you the most. There is nothing like wandering through web pages of wonderful ideas, of which any would be wonderful gifts for someone special. Macy’s is another leader in the online retail world. This 15% off coupon will relieve your purchase and allow you to add a little more to the cart on a budget.

Children can help in selecting gifts for their sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles when you spend your shopping time online instead of in the mall. There is no food court where they can drag you. There is just the never-ending progression of special items that will be meaningful to those for whom you are shopping.

Thoughtful Gifts for Older Relatives


If your parents or other elder friends or relatives are into their 70s and 80s, they may tell you not to buy them anything for holidays or their birthdays. This may mean a little more creativity on your part, to make sure your gifts are not “stuff”, in the strictest sense.

Choose Consumable Gifts

Items like candles and bath soaps can be given to elders, since these are things they will be able to use, not something that will sit around.

Gift baskets can contain all kinds of food and delicacies, especially if you shop online, where you will find the most variety. Freezable foods can be included, as can foods that are easily stored until they are consumed. Quick breads make quick gift ideas, and wine does, too. Of course, you can’t forget about Gift baskets and an array of wine options are available. You can even take off a modest $10 with this coupon.

Useful Gifts

Many parents and grandparents used to live on farms, and they are still quite interested in the weather. Consider purchasing them remote gain gauges, which can be read easily, and which empty themselves.

Memory journals are thoughtful gifts that will also be thought provoking for your parents or grandparents. The lovely gift book includes questions about their life, with space after every question for answers to be handwritten. It will give your parents or grandparents a way to pass on their wisdom and stories to the younger generations.

Memory journals ask questions like, “When was your favorite birthday party when you were young?” and “Who were your best friends in the neighborhood?” The answers can even be placed online and merged with photographs. These help to create interactive journals that they can make copies of, for family members.

Robot vacuum cleaners will allow your mom or grandmother to clean as much as she wants, even if she has trouble with arthritis or other health issues. Your grandparents or parents may not be tech-savvy, but you can plug them in with gifts through Hammacher Schlemmer. be sure to add some free shipping with this coupon.

Innovative Gift Ideas

Digital cameras or even old-style cameras are unique gifts, since the “younger generation” uses their smarthphones for cameras. If your parents are elder techies, get them their own smartphones.

If your parents have trouble – or before they do – getting in and out of the shower, safety grips make their bathtubs safer places to be. These bars are available online and are quite sturdy. They are easily attached to smooth surfaces with strong suction cups. They can be taken along on holidays, as well, since they are easy to stick in their luggage.

Ideas for the Outdoors

Squirrel and bird feeders make thoughtful gifts, if your parents don’t already have too many of them. You might also look for bird books and deer feeders, along with binoculars, so they can easily see all the animals that aren’t within normal sight range. If they own an animal in the house, than you can’t go wrong with a purchase from In the Company of Dogs. Review frequently to check for new coupons for this purchase.

Keeping Their Minds Sharp

There are many types of books available online, and they include books written for seniors. One uses art and sculpture to explore the experiences in aging, through works of art. This book captures projects that will confront fears and answer questions for those curious about growing old. These online books examine all the changes that occur as your parents age, including spirituality, relationships, sensuality and physical changes. The main idea is to show seniors that elder years can be times of harvest, and not inactivity.

Word games are fun for everyone. They also exercise the brain and manual dexterity. Newer word games have lettered tiles that are easily stored in the fruit-shaped game bags.