Thoughtful Gifts for Older Relatives


If your parents or other elder friends or relatives are into their 70s and 80s, they may tell you not to buy them anything for holidays or their birthdays. This may mean a little more creativity on your part, to make sure your gifts are not “stuff”, in the strictest sense.

Choose Consumable Gifts

Items like candles and bath soaps can be given to elders, since these are things they will be able to use, not something that will sit around.

Gift baskets can contain all kinds of food and delicacies, especially if you shop online, where you will find the most variety. Freezable foods can be included, as can foods that are easily stored until they are consumed. Quick breads make quick gift ideas, and wine does, too. Of course, you can’t forget about Gift baskets and an array of wine options are available. You can even take off a modest $10 with this coupon.

Useful Gifts

Many parents and grandparents used to live on farms, and they are still quite interested in the weather. Consider purchasing them remote gain gauges, which can be read easily, and which empty themselves.

Memory journals are thoughtful gifts that will also be thought provoking for your parents or grandparents. The lovely gift book includes questions about their life, with space after every question for answers to be handwritten. It will give your parents or grandparents a way to pass on their wisdom and stories to the younger generations.

Memory journals ask questions like, “When was your favorite birthday party when you were young?” and “Who were your best friends in the neighborhood?” The answers can even be placed online and merged with photographs. These help to create interactive journals that they can make copies of, for family members.

Robot vacuum cleaners will allow your mom or grandmother to clean as much as she wants, even if she has trouble with arthritis or other health issues. Your grandparents or parents may not be tech-savvy, but you can plug them in with gifts through Hammacher Schlemmer. be sure to add some free shipping with this coupon.

Innovative Gift Ideas

Digital cameras or even old-style cameras are unique gifts, since the “younger generation” uses their smarthphones for cameras. If your parents are elder techies, get them their own smartphones.

If your parents have trouble – or before they do – getting in and out of the shower, safety grips make their bathtubs safer places to be. These bars are available online and are quite sturdy. They are easily attached to smooth surfaces with strong suction cups. They can be taken along on holidays, as well, since they are easy to stick in their luggage.

Ideas for the Outdoors

Squirrel and bird feeders make thoughtful gifts, if your parents don’t already have too many of them. You might also look for bird books and deer feeders, along with binoculars, so they can easily see all the animals that aren’t within normal sight range. If they own an animal in the house, than you can’t go wrong with a purchase from In the Company of Dogs. Review frequently to check for new coupons for this purchase.

Keeping Their Minds Sharp

There are many types of books available online, and they include books written for seniors. One uses art and sculpture to explore the experiences in aging, through works of art. This book captures projects that will confront fears and answer questions for those curious about growing old. These online books examine all the changes that occur as your parents age, including spirituality, relationships, sensuality and physical changes. The main idea is to show seniors that elder years can be times of harvest, and not inactivity.

Word games are fun for everyone. They also exercise the brain and manual dexterity. Newer word games have lettered tiles that are easily stored in the fruit-shaped game bags.

Special Gifts for Travel

white gift vector

If your loved ones enjoy traveling, it opens up an entire arena of gifts you may purchase for them. Whether they travel for their jobs or for pleasure, you can buy a gift that will help them travel lighter, better or become inspired to make the trip of their dreams.

Where Is Your Friend Traveling?

If you have a family member or friend who travels often to a particular place, there must be something about that place that keeps them coming back for more. Perhaps they simply fell in love on their first trip, and then they return every year. There are plenty of travel gifts available online that will make their next trip even more memorable.

Useful Travel Gifts

Toiletry kits are made to last, and have zippers that resist leaks. This keeps liquids secure on trains and planes. Some toiletry bags stand up, making them easy to work with, and internal pockets keep everything organized. Water resistant kits are so handy and you’ll find any size your traveler might need. You can find these kits made with eco-friendly materials, so that they are better for your friend and for the environment, too. You can find some effective and useful travel items at Kohls. check often to find coupons to use at this popular company.

BPA-free plastic bottles are eco-friendly and convenient. They’re easy to fill and they don’t leak. You can purchase bottles that include suction cups, so they can be stuck anywhere easily. Labels allow for easy organization and keep things marked so that they are TSA-friendly.

Clothes for Travel

Avid travelers are always looking for comfortable, fashionable clothes in which to travel. They must be lightweight, durable and suitable for various conditions. Look for clothing that is quick drying, moisture wicking and wrinkle-free. Hats will protect your friend from damaging sun rays. Back in the Saddle is a very unique clothing store. Find some great coupons and special deals by visiting as well as their official website.

If you have an outdoors person on your gift list, there are all sorts of gifts you can choose from, whether they need gear for hiking, surfing, climbing, boating or camping. A new backpack is sure to please hikers and campers. When you shop online for fleece coats and warm boots, you will allow them to enjoy the outdoors even during the colder months.

Luxurious Travel Gifts

Not every traveler needs backpacks and boots. Some people like to travel to exotic places and spend time in luxury resorts. Jewelry with a travel theme, or maps and art can bring the traveling feeling home for your friend. She can show everyone her love of traveling, and these gifts are more personal than moisture wicking socks. Travel in luxury with a wonderful piece from You can even save $50 off the total using this coupon.

Tech Travel Gifts

Many travelers love tech gifts, and these can help them stay in touch while they’re on the road or in the sky. Convertible laptop backpacks have compartments for all of their gadgets, and some include cushioned, discreet storage for their laptop or netbook. They are available in many styles and colors, and they’re durable and roomy enough to replace conventional carry-ons when your friends fly. Find some very necessary technology items for travel at Hammacher Schlemmer. You can even get free shipping while using this coupon and get more for less.

Stylish Travel Gifts

TSA-friendly perfumes and colognes for travel make wonderful gifts. You probably won’t find them locally, but you can shop for them online. They are in smaller sizes than usual, so you’ll be safe no matter what liquid limits are placed on flyers. The special scents are inspired by many destinations, from Japan to France, and sure to be enjoyed.

Monogrammed totes make super travel gifts, since they hold many goodies without taking up a lot of space. Unlike beach totes, these have zippers or clasps on top, to make sure everything they place inside stays there, even if the tote gets thrown around a lot while they’re looking for things mid-flight.

Making this Birthday His Best Ever

shutterstock_110198111Finding the most thoughtful gifts for that special man may be difficult. He probably has plenty of cologne, socks and ties. This means that you’ll have to get a little more creative when you shop for him, and the best place to do that is online. The trick is to find things that may be novel, but that are still useful. They may include nostalgic gift items, which bring out the child in your man.

He Can Listen to Tunes on His Jambox

A Jambox is a portable stereo with Bluetooth, and it’s only an inch larger than the iPhone 5s. It blasts his favorite music from his Bluetooth-enabled device. It can even run 15 hours on a single charge. It’s wireless and portable, and your man can also download the Smartspeaker® app free on Android and iTunes. This will allow him to gather and format his favorite artists, playlists and songs. There are many colors available and the Jambox has a built-in microphone if he decides he might want to create music videos all his own. Innoative tech gifts can be found at Hammacher Schlemmer. Use some free shipping coupons to save some extra money.

Personal Delivery Items

From razors to underwear, your special man will never need to run to the local drugstore again. Using an online platform, he can have things delivered to him at steady intervals and more often, if needed. His first orders arrive within a week or so, and follow-ups will be delivered every two months. He can cancel any deliveries he doesn’t need, or swap out for things he does need. Orders can also be expedited, if he needs something, like, right now. For example, offers extra fast shipping options through their online store. Stay on top of to see of any Amazon coupons are available.

He’ll Warm up to an Espresso Maker

Your man probably likes specialty coffees, but he may not enjoy making them himself. Coffee technology comes to the rescue. Espresso makers will give him full control over his experience, from selecting his favorite coffee and grind to creating the perfect espresso drink for his own personal tastes. These machines are easy to use and they come with warranties that average 10 years. There are quite a few kitchen related gifts available at the Container Store. Be sure to keep following for deals and coupons on these purchases.

A Robotic Dog?

Do you and your special man live in an apartment or condo where you can’t have pets? Dogs are an integral part of life, but if the rules forbid them, give him a robotic electronic dog.

A robotic dog is not like a pet rock. Remember them? He is a viable alternative for people who cannot have dogs or who don’t want the commitment and the shedding hair. He doesn’t have to walk Zoomer or let him out to do his business. He won’t have any vet bills, either.

Robot dogs have gone through much evolution, and Zoomer can perform tricks and interact with your man. Available online, he understands English, French and Spanish. He has a personality all his own and he can teach him tricks. He might not always obey him, but that makes the experience more realistic. He really seems like a live dog.

Smartphone Radio Docks

Would your special man like his iPhone to look like an old-world radio when desired? This dock is made from brass and beech wood, and it is actually a cordless, custom sound system. The materials and design amplify sound in a natural way. The product has no cords or wires, and it will hide his iPhone USB cable so he can even charge his phone as he listens.

Creating Her Most Memorable Birthday

shutterstock_101250400When you shop for a birthday gift for your special woman, you may initially be stumped, especially if she seems to have one or more of everything she needs. Lucky for you, there are many gifts and gadgets available this year that are applicable to every female and her favorite pastimes. Whether she is into high tech gizmos or fitness, the Internet is a wonderful place to shop, with so many gift ideas to offer.

Does She Enjoy High Tech Gadgetry?

E-Readers make wonderful gifts. If she has had one for years, perhaps she would like an upgrade to a newer model. The new, back-lit e-readers are easy to read in any type of lighting. HD e-readers are more like tablets, with their amazing graphics. If all she does is read in bed or at the beach, a back-lit e-reader will work quite well for her. If she likes to stay in touch while she reads, the Wi-Fi models will allow her to reach out and connect with people, too.

LCD Writing Tablets bring the everyday sticky notes into the Internet age. These tablets come with a stylus, and work well for doodles, to-do lists, grocery reminders or taking notes. You’ll find them in various stores online. The batteries on these models last for a long time, and they are quite handy for keeping notes in order. Kohls is not a tech giant, but they got a handful of great gifts. always has some great deals on this store.

Simulated daylight devices are great for women who work at home. If she is cooped up inside, these lights deliver simulated outdoor light into her room. They increase productivity and focus, and help in lifting her energy levels and mood.

Is She into Hobbies?

Plant watering systems work so well for people who want to bring some of the outdoors inside. Caring for plants can quickly become just another chore. Watering systems take the work out of indoor plants, so that she can enjoy them. These handy systems are available online, and allow your plants to make a “tweeting” noise when they need water. Some can even be programmed to say other things. Ashley Lauren is a massive resource for crafty and artistic gifts.

Instant cameras are all the rave again. They are the Instagrams of yesterday, and instant photo sharing becomes what it was originally intended to be. These cameras have up to 10 megapixels are compatible with micro-SD cards, and have up to 6x zoom and LCD screens. They print instant pictures on the go, and even record video, with built in speakers and microphones. Photos can be cropped and edited, right from the screen. They are a wonderful gift and can be attached to her tablet, laptop or PC with a handy USB cable, for uploading photos.

Is She Fanatical about Fitness?

Wireless headphones are an innovative way to integrate tunes into her workouts. Conventional earbuds can easily fall out when she is walking or running, but athletic earbuds are different. They are small Bluetooth headphones, with eight hours of battery life. They are sweat-proof, with excellent quality in sound. Sierra Trading Post provides some great fitness tools as well as technology. You can save 30% off the price with this coupon today. 

Cordless digital jump ropes are a great way to get exercise without being tied to a machine. She can toss them in her gym bag and they will keep track of her calories burned when she uses the jump ropes. They also track time she spends working out. The ropes are non-trip, and they are available in various online shopping portals, like  They aren’t expensive – roughly $15 – but try for a coupon to drive the price even lower.

Choosing an Original Gift

shutterstock_93777628How many times have you found yourself wandering through the aisles of a department store, wondering what to get as an original gift for someone special?

Depending on the relationship you have with the person, you may want something that is not-too personal, or something that is very personal. Some really personal gifts can be found at Jared which has one of the widest inventories of unique jewelry. Save $25 off a $99 purchase using the coupon. Original and creative gifts need not be difficult to shop for, if you think outside the (gift) box.

Original Gifts Are Memorable

When you find that perfect gift for someone, it must be of high quality, but you may need to watch your budget, as well. Choosing a gift that shows your creativity and your sense of expression will tell the recipient how much she means to you. It will be clear to her that you have taken a good deal of time to select a gift that is just right.

Finding unique items to give as gifts makes them more meaningful. A piece of art by your special person’s favorite artist will be a gift to be treasured. Innovative jewelry can be found at My Jewelry Box for a great price, especially when paired with coupons from I’m In. Likewise, handmade goods, whether done by you or an artisan, will show a great deal of thought in their selection.

Gift Baskets Can Be Creative

Any type of basket, used for gifting, can be personalized a bit, to make it unique. The basket itself may not be especially unusual, but the way it is decorated and the items it contains can make one basket different from all the rest.

Select with care the items you include in your personalized gift basket. You may choose fruit, candy, gourmet coffee or any other items of which your friend is especially fond. If your friend is a woman, perhaps a bow or ribbon would be an appropriate decoration.

Gifts Can Be Special without Being Expensive

You may think that the most special gifts must also be expensive. This is actually not true. Kohl’s proves that a touching gift can be bought without breaking the bank, and you’ll feel smart when you find a coupon to use! Personalized, yet simple gifts will make any occasion more special. Perhaps she loves books; find a first edition copy of one of her favorites. If she is more into sports or outdoor activities, then sports apparel will make a thoughtful gift for her. If she loves Hollywood, some of her favorite movies could be a wonderful gift.

Scented Candles Will Remind Her of You

Everyone is fond of great fragrances, particularly women. Choose incense or scented candles for a fragrant gift. These are available in so many different sizes and shapes, so you’re sure to find one or two that would look great in her house.

Women Can Be Geeks, Too

If your special person is always the first to own high-tech gadgets, sometimes before others are aware of them, perhaps there is something new being unveiled that would make a wonderful gift for her. She probably already has most of the gizmos and gadgets on the market already, so make sure you don’t duplicate something she already has.

Giving Programs

If there is nothing your special person needs or desires, consider donating money in her name to programs that benefit people who are less fortunate. Qualified non-profit organizations can benefit people, animals or the planet.

Whatever you choose for your special friend, be sure to take as much time as you need to find the best “fit” for her. It should be something that brings her memories of you when she sees it.

Honor a Friend with a Special Gift

white gift vectorBuying a suitable gift for your closest friend can be more difficult than you might imagine. The gift cannot be something purchased hastily at the last minute. It must show the time and effort you took to find the best gift for this special person. They will cherish it for many years after they receive it. The best gifts are meaningful, unique and personal.

Not Your Everyday Gift Baskets

What could be more enjoyable for your friend than a whole basket full of special gifts, chosen just for them? It can contain many different items; they key is to make it personal. Think about all the special moments you have shared in order to make a gift basket that is unique to your friend. offers wine-themed gift baskets which would be perfect for the right individual. Save $10 with this coupon. 

Your friend is a unique individual, with interests and goals that are different from everyone else. Center the basket on a person’s individuality. Keep in mind the things that your friend enjoys, and choose online gifts for the basket that represent them. If your friend enjoys gardening, then seeds and other garden supplies will help them keep that green thumb.

Travel Baskets

Travel baskets are great for friends on the go. Especially if they have certain places they want to go, you can choose gifts that represent those locations. You can also purchase guidebooks and foods from these areas, along with photo albums and small trinkets. This basket will give them the feeling of having been to this special place, or perhaps inspire them to make the trip.

Special Gifts for Gardeners

Copper birdbaths are truly unique and will look wonderful in your friend’s garden. They can be used as contemporary sculptures, as well. Copper weathers naturally and beautifully into a look that is quite original. Birdbaths may be displayed individually or in sets, and add a personal touch to your friend’s garden. Kohls is an absolutely fantastic place to save on gardening related gifts. Visit frequently to find coupons you can use at this popular retail store.

Special Ideas in Jewelry

Personalized or not, jewelry makes a very unique gift, especially if you keep your friend in mind when you are shopping for that perfect bracelet, necklace or other item. Make your gift specific to the friend who is receiving it. If you have a friend who truly enjoys jewelry, you can choose a gift that suits her personality. is an iconic place to find great jewelry. Check out this $50 off coupon to take advantage of immediate savings.

Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry that is purchased and then engraved works ideally well for men and women alike, and you may put your friend’s initials on it, or a short message.

Friendship bracelets are not just for teenage girls anymore. At one time, they were mainly given by teenagers as gifts, but they have evolved. These bracelets are available with gemstones, or charms that may be engraved with a name or initials after the purchase.

A necklace or bracelet for her can include a short phrase or quote that holds a special meaning for the friend for whom it is purchased. Custom jewelry can be ordered at My Jewelry Box. Check out their website to find wonderful options, and look for coupons at sites like I’m In.  There are so many online stores that offer a variety of bracelets and necklaces from which to make your choice.  A meaningful phrase on a gift of jewelry will make a unique gift even more special. A quote, poem or beautiful phrase on the jewelry makes it a gift to be cherished for years.

Gifts don’t need to be personalized to be special to the people who receive them. As long as you keep their likes and interests in mind, your gifts will be appropriate and cherished.