Choosing an Original Gift

shutterstock_93777628How many times have you found yourself wandering through the aisles of a department store, wondering what to get as an original gift for someone special?

Depending on the relationship you have with the person, you may want something that is not-too personal, or something that is very personal. Some really personal gifts can be found at Jared which has one of the widest inventories of unique jewelry. Save $25 off a $99 purchase using the coupon. Original and creative gifts need not be difficult to shop for, if you think outside the (gift) box.

Original Gifts Are Memorable

When you find that perfect gift for someone, it must be of high quality, but you may need to watch your budget, as well. Choosing a gift that shows your creativity and your sense of expression will tell the recipient how much she means to you. It will be clear to her that you have taken a good deal of time to select a gift that is just right.

Finding unique items to give as gifts makes them more meaningful. A piece of art by your special person’s favorite artist will be a gift to be treasured. Innovative jewelry can be found at My Jewelry Box for a great price, especially when paired with coupons from I’m In. Likewise, handmade goods, whether done by you or an artisan, will show a great deal of thought in their selection.

Gift Baskets Can Be Creative

Any type of basket, used for gifting, can be personalized a bit, to make it unique. The basket itself may not be especially unusual, but the way it is decorated and the items it contains can make one basket different from all the rest.

Select with care the items you include in your personalized gift basket. You may choose fruit, candy, gourmet coffee or any other items of which your friend is especially fond. If your friend is a woman, perhaps a bow or ribbon would be an appropriate decoration.

Gifts Can Be Special without Being Expensive

You may think that the most special gifts must also be expensive. This is actually not true. Kohl’s proves that a touching gift can be bought without breaking the bank, and you’ll feel smart when you find a coupon to use! Personalized, yet simple gifts will make any occasion more special. Perhaps she loves books; find a first edition copy of one of her favorites. If she is more into sports or outdoor activities, then sports apparel will make a thoughtful gift for her. If she loves Hollywood, some of her favorite movies could be a wonderful gift.

Scented Candles Will Remind Her of You

Everyone is fond of great fragrances, particularly women. Choose incense or scented candles for a fragrant gift. These are available in so many different sizes and shapes, so you’re sure to find one or two that would look great in her house.

Women Can Be Geeks, Too

If your special person is always the first to own high-tech gadgets, sometimes before others are aware of them, perhaps there is something new being unveiled that would make a wonderful gift for her. She probably already has most of the gizmos and gadgets on the market already, so make sure you don’t duplicate something she already has.

Giving Programs

If there is nothing your special person needs or desires, consider donating money in her name to programs that benefit people who are less fortunate. Qualified non-profit organizations can benefit people, animals or the planet.

Whatever you choose for your special friend, be sure to take as much time as you need to find the best “fit” for her. It should be something that brings her memories of you when she sees it.

Honor a Friend with a Special Gift

white gift vectorBuying a suitable gift for your closest friend can be more difficult than you might imagine. The gift cannot be something purchased hastily at the last minute. It must show the time and effort you took to find the best gift for this special person. They will cherish it for many years after they receive it. The best gifts are meaningful, unique and personal.

Not Your Everyday Gift Baskets

What could be more enjoyable for your friend than a whole basket full of special gifts, chosen just for them? It can contain many different items; they key is to make it personal. Think about all the special moments you have shared in order to make a gift basket that is unique to your friend. offers wine-themed gift baskets which would be perfect for the right individual. Save $10 with this coupon. 

Your friend is a unique individual, with interests and goals that are different from everyone else. Center the basket on a person’s individuality. Keep in mind the things that your friend enjoys, and choose online gifts for the basket that represent them. If your friend enjoys gardening, then seeds and other garden supplies will help them keep that green thumb.

Travel Baskets

Travel baskets are great for friends on the go. Especially if they have certain places they want to go, you can choose gifts that represent those locations. You can also purchase guidebooks and foods from these areas, along with photo albums and small trinkets. This basket will give them the feeling of having been to this special place, or perhaps inspire them to make the trip.

Special Gifts for Gardeners

Copper birdbaths are truly unique and will look wonderful in your friend’s garden. They can be used as contemporary sculptures, as well. Copper weathers naturally and beautifully into a look that is quite original. Birdbaths may be displayed individually or in sets, and add a personal touch to your friend’s garden. Kohls is an absolutely fantastic place to save on gardening related gifts. Visit frequently to find coupons you can use at this popular retail store.

Special Ideas in Jewelry

Personalized or not, jewelry makes a very unique gift, especially if you keep your friend in mind when you are shopping for that perfect bracelet, necklace or other item. Make your gift specific to the friend who is receiving it. If you have a friend who truly enjoys jewelry, you can choose a gift that suits her personality. is an iconic place to find great jewelry. Check out this $50 off coupon to take advantage of immediate savings.

Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry that is purchased and then engraved works ideally well for men and women alike, and you may put your friend’s initials on it, or a short message.

Friendship bracelets are not just for teenage girls anymore. At one time, they were mainly given by teenagers as gifts, but they have evolved. These bracelets are available with gemstones, or charms that may be engraved with a name or initials after the purchase.

A necklace or bracelet for her can include a short phrase or quote that holds a special meaning for the friend for whom it is purchased. Custom jewelry can be ordered at My Jewelry Box. Check out their website to find wonderful options, and look for coupons at sites like I’m In.  There are so many online stores that offer a variety of bracelets and necklaces from which to make your choice.  A meaningful phrase on a gift of jewelry will make a unique gift even more special. A quote, poem or beautiful phrase on the jewelry makes it a gift to be cherished for years.

Gifts don’t need to be personalized to be special to the people who receive them. As long as you keep their likes and interests in mind, your gifts will be appropriate and cherished.

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